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Between listening to music and enjoying a delicious meal, our festival-goers also like to shop. Whether it’s a festival souvenir or a one-of-a-kind treasure, people love to take something home to remember the event. Independant Labels, Management and Producers of drum samples are encouraged to promote their business at this Festival.

Each vendor is required to submit an application to be reviewed by our Expo Committee. SPACE IS LIMITED! If you would like to receive an Expo Area application, please email us.

If you are interested in holding an audition for The festival International Music Festival in your club please contact LR Productions & Management, Inc. at (850) 916-2218 for details. This can be held in many different ways to bring business to your venue. One of our staff members would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

THE MUSIC SPECIALIST consults new and existing entertainment businesses, increasing their bottom line while making them technically astute. THE MUSIC SPECIALIST also develops international licensing and sub-publishing. Mr. Johnston is an accomplished speaker and has lectured for numerous conferences and the Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee Bar Associations – Entertainment & Sports Lawyer Continuing Legal Education Divisions. THE MUSIC SPECIALIST is one of the oldest music information websites in existence.

Mr. Johnston has worked for Ariola Records, EMI America, Stax Records and Arista Records in a staff position. He has also worked for Capital Records, Sony, Warner Bros. Records, Island Records, Mercury Records and a host of Independent labels as an Independent Marketing Specialist and Promotion person. For a period of over ten years he was co-owner of Joeyboy Records, J.R. Records, On Top Records, American Faith Records, Joeyboy Publishing BMI, Beam of Light Publishing ASCAP, To Soon To Tell Publishing SESAC, and Bazooka Film works. He has held the position of Director of drum samples production for the K-Tel Corporation, Simitar & associated labels, Vice President of sales for Platinum Records and Mind Seed Records and Films, also Director Distribution, Marketing & Sales for Luke Records & Films.

Doctor Dre. former host of Yo! MTV Raps and Syndicated Radio Personality on The Jump Off will be attending and scouting new talent at The festival. He will also be speaking at a seminar on breaking into the music industry today. To find out more on Doctor Dre. Go to … Please stay tuned to the site for more music, drum samples and film industry celebrities that will be attending.

Cecil A. Lynn III is an entertainment attorney with the prestigious Los Angeles-based law firm of Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Pearson, LLP. He has extensive experience representing clients in the film, television, fashion and music industries, including writers, directors, producers, business and personal managers, musicians, artists, and independent production companies. In addition, the drum samples production team represents Sharman Networks, Ltd. in a concert by the music industry related to the website.

Cecil is a frequent speaker on entertainment-related topics and was a featured lecturer at the 2003 Business of Music Conference in Las Vegas. Cecil also serves as an instructor for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.


The American DJ Band Festival

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American DJ Band is the top music festival in its area and through its strategic relationships and stable funding and high profile sponsors is looking to become the premiere music festival in Florida.

The festival – American DJ Band gives Singers, Groups and Bands an opportunity of a lifetime: to showcase there talents in front of both Major and Independent Record Labels, Producers, Agents, Managers, and members of the Film Industry. Participants are given the opportunity to meet people that can help advance their careers in the music industry. A complete list of all media and industry employees will be listed each week in our news section of the website. The festival welcomes all styles and genres of music such as R&B, POP, ROCK, HIP HOP, CONTEMPORARY, JAZZ,

The festival will be nationally publicized through Newspapers, Magazines, the Internet and through our nationwide Street Team. Select members of the music and film industries have been invited to attend and cover all of our events and showcases.

The festival will be held for 4 days in November 2004. The opening of the festival will be launched with a massive networking party for performing artists and industry personnel to meet. This opening show allows singers and performers to network with key people in the music industry who are looking for new talent. Artists are able to pass out their CD’s and/or Press Kits to influential industry members and potentially get the attention of some Press and Media reps for exposure.

The festival will offer one of the most important keys to success: “Industry Connexions”, participants learn very important information through Seminars and Panels. The Seminars focus on all areas of ones music career at any level, whether you are a professional or someone just starting out. Our Seminars provide artists with information about the ins and outs of the Music Industry from the very people that helped to make today’s Stars. Artists are able to ask questions and get answers from Industry Professionals. Many of the professionals that sit on our panel are Entertainment Lawyers, Distribut
ors, Managers, Label Executives and A&R reps.

The showcase aims to help new singers and bands break into the music business and also to provide a platform for managers and music professionals to discover, develop, promote and manage innovative music talent. It is crucial for up and coming talent to be seen and heard by the right people. Since record companies maintain a strict policy against receiving any unsolicited material, the opportunity provides an unbelievable chance for undiscovered talent to be seen, heard, judged, and critiqued and hopefully considered by A&R departments from record companies, managers, producers and agents. Representatives from every record company from all over the world are invited: Universal Music Group, Warner Bros., Arista, EMI, Interscope, Capitol, J Records, RCA, Virgin, Atlantic and many more independent and major label representatives.